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To promote motorcycle safety.

To project a positive image of motorcycling.

To enjoy the community of firefighters.

To engage exclusively in social, charitable, and educational activities.

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International Fighterfighters Motorcycle Club
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“The Red Knights Memorial Foundation is now up and running. Pledges can be honored through the link below, new donations are always welcome.”



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An open letter to the membership

Subj: Chapter Rosters and limited service, Funeral and Heavens 1 policy and Facebook posts

For those Chapter Officers that ensure the International knows who your members are and check your emails, Thank You Very Much. Your work makes our jobs on the board quite a bit easier.
On Nov 3rd 2017, I sent out an open letter to the membership from the Board in reference to rosters and funeral policy.

In that letter I explained the Boards decision to place chapters on “Restricted Service” for failure to submit rosters timely. I further explained why the need. This policy went into effect 1-April-2018.

If you did not see this letter, please ask your Chapter President about it. It was sent to each and every RK email account, it was and is posted on the Website, and it was also posted on both the official Facebook page as well as the All Chapters Facebook page.

Last week, during our spring board meeting, the Board made the decision to lighten up a bit on the repercussions for failure to submit Rosters Quarterly.

12:06A Limited Service

                  Limited Service is defined as the Chapter being unable to order merchandise from Red Knights Regalia, obtain a TMLA, or participate in International voting.  Limited Service is imposed on a Chapter when that Chapter is in arrears on quarterly roster updates.  Roster updates of any/no change is required prior to April 1st, July 1st, and October 1st. and is to be sent to the International Treasurer from the official Chapter email address. Roster updates should be submitted from the official Chapter email address immediately upon the joining of any new Member.  Funeral/Heaven 1 protocols will only be enacted for a Member on the most current submitted roster at the time of the Member’s passing.  Added 5/8/2018 Boylston, MA

Now, for the reason why the Board is making such a difficult call; in 2017, nearly 20% of all members who passed away were NOT members of the Red Knights. Each and every time, the chapter would tell us any one of a myriad of reasons their rosters were not up to date. To reiterate our assumption from last November:

If almost 20% of the members who passed away were not on the International roster, then one could assume that nearly 20% of the entire membership is not on the International roster, thus they are not actually Red Knights.

For those that may not know, The International has a funeral and heavens one policy in place. We try to send a representative to each and every funeral. We present the family a flag and a small token from the chaplain. Additionally, the members name is placed onto monuments in the Red Knights Memorial Park in Boylston, Mass.

This program does cost money, and it is your money that we use to pay these respects. One of the jobs of the executive board is to be good stewards of your money. Further, while we want each and every Red Knight to be remembered on the memorials, we need to take due caution to ensure that only actual members are recognized there.
Now, in reply to some of the recent Facebook posts/replies:

First and most important, a healthy debate is encouraged. We see, hear and act on many points brought up on social media. Insulting or personal attacks against another Red Knight brother or sister cannot and will not be tolerated. If you feel that you need to call someone names or insult them, then may I suggest you find another club to belong. These types of actions are not the Red Knight way. We do not treat brothers and sisters like that

I can absolutely assure each and every one of you that our treasurer has a lot of things that he could be doing for our organization other than logging an additional 1200+ emails per year. I can further assure you that your Regional Directors would much rather be out riding with their chapters or spending quality time with their families than chasing chapters down for accurate rosters.

We as your executive board firmly feel and believe that this is of paramount concern. We were elected by you to run his club. We are 12 different minds, from 12 different upbringings, from 3 different continents that agree 100% on this position. We are acting on what we feel is best for the club.

We are an organization of over 400 Chapters and 10,000 people, the largest and oldest Firefighter based MC in the world. We are the ONLY organization that I am aware of, of our size that has a perpetual memorial in place as we do. The vast majority are type A personalities. (It goes with the job), our members are spread across 4 continents and speak over 7 languages. We want all members to be recognized, we just need….

4 emails per year, 1 renewal roster and 3 updates. If there are no changes to your chapter, just send an email from your email address to with the subject line “no changes” sometime in March, June and September.

We as a board do not micro-manage the chapters, we have a business to run and you have a social chapter to run and have fun with your members, we just need the Chapter officers to do a minimum amount of work to ensure that all the Dues paying Chapter members are on the International roster. Ordering a dozen sets of patches and not adding any members to the roster is a red flag.

Chapter Officers are responsible for the wellbeing of their chapter and to maintain communications with the International (i.e. your Regional Director). It gets very frustrating when we send out a broadcast email and more than a quarter of the read receipts come in over 6 months later, the winner in taking the longest to open an email that I sent in February of 2017, was read 3 days ago, a full 15 months later. A nice side effect of this policy is that it now requires someone from each chapter to log into their chapter email at least quarterly to see any incoming emails from your State Reps, Regional Directors or other nearby chapters wanting to meet up.

Please understand - a person must be on the International roster to be a Red Knight.

If you believe that you are a member of the Red Knights and you hear nothing from your Chapter Officers about communications from the International, Please ask them about this. We send out many emails per year. If you read this on Social media and do not hear about it in any upcoming Chapter meetings, please ask your chapter officers if they received this.

We as a board truly hope that this is a temporary position to help fix a widespread problem.
If you are a chapter officer and do not feel that your chapter has the time to read and forward information from us, or send us 4 emails per year, or you disagree with me on anything here, please contact me directly at 301.518.2090. I would love to hear a differing opinion from anyone; this will also allow me to answer your questions directly.

Loyal To Our Duty
Thank you,
Chris Gadway





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